Dear Microsoft Colleagues and Partners,

This page is to clarify important points regarding The Leadership Coaching Inventory (LCI360). If you are new to this process, you may have some questions or concerns. This is in preparation for our coaching workshop on July 11th for Microsoft. If you are external to Microsoft, thanks in anticipation of your feedback. Please see explanation below

Participants / Internal Microsoft

By now you will have received a machine-generated email from inviting you to input your details and nominate your chosen observers. Observer categories include: Manager (your boss); Direct Reports; Co-workers and Others. All feedback is provided confidentially except in the Manager category which is clearly identifiable. With this group, you likely have few Direct Reports, if any, so please nominate Co-workers and Others. The Other category is great for seeking input from external partners to Microsoft.

Others / Partners / External Microsoft

Thanks for taking your time to provide feedback to your contact at Microsoft. This feedback will be highly valuable to their personal development. The process will likely take about 10-20 minutes to complete and there will be up to 15 other “Observers.” Feedback is not identifiable to you. Again, thanks for your time completing this.

General Clarifications

Here are some general clarifications on the process:

  • There is no requirement to put in age, sex, race, etc.
  • The data entered for the assessment is totally confidential and used only for statistical purposes.
  • This allows participants to see their percentile ranking against compiled normative data.
  • The assessment measures “frequency that one is seen to engage in coach-like behaviors.”
  • It does not measure how good or bad one is as a leader or coach; it measures “observed frequency.”
  • The participant will receive a Private & Confidential report before July 11th.
  • They are not obliged to share or disclose this with anyone. Again, it is totally confidential.
  • You will never receive any future correspondence in relation to this or your data input from Bluepoint Leadership Development.

We hope this helps. If you do have questions, please feel free to email or call us.
(513) 683-4702 x 224 or 0

The Bluepoint Team