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Coaching Webinar Series: Part 7 – The Dangerous Conversation


Do your conversations really matter? Does anything happen as a result of these conversations? Join Gregg Thompson, President of Bluepoint Leadership Development, as he shares his perspective on how leaders can become much more coach-like by engaging in The Dangerous Conversation. As Gregg will describe, these conversations are not dangerous because someone risks being hurt but are dangerous because they are uncertain, uncharted and marked by an often discomforting, raw honesty. This is the seventh segment in a nine-part webinar series drawn from Bluepoint’s highly-regarded Leader as Coach Workshop.

The topics that Gregg addresses in this webinar include:

  • The Dangerous Conversation; changing hearts and minds
  • Drivel, blather and chatter in organization life
  • Great coaching…one conversation at a time
  • Fresh Tracks and The Power of Personal Discovery
  • Creating New Pathways through Conversation
  • Walk Away Empty; coaching with no regrets
  • The Power of Commitment

Gregg also suggests three potent new habits that will make a significant and sustained impact on your effectiveness as a coach.

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