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Coaching Webinar Series: Part 9 – The Three Core Coaching Skills


Great coaches have uniquely potent interpersonal skills that they use to challenge, affirm, confront and inspire those that they coach. There is also something very special about their personal presence.  They are simply able to be with and engage others in a way that encourages them to see their work, performance and careers through fresh eyes. What makes them so special? How have they developed the coaching skills that enable them to have such a powerful influence on others?

Gregg Thompson, President of Bluepoint Leadership Development answers these questions in this final webinar in the nine-part series drawn from Bluepoint’s highly-acclaimed Leader as Coach Workshop. Bluepoint Leadership Development has trained thousands of leaders around the world providing them with immediately usable coaching skills and approaches.

In this 45-minute, highly engaging webinar, Gregg addresses the following topics:

  • Great Coaching: an inside out process.
  • Gifts differing…coaching is everyone’s business
  • Learning to listen like a coach!
  • Learning to think like a coach!
  • Learning to speak like a coach!
  • Coaching: a career-long journey

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