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Webinar: The Master Coach


Are you looking to significantly lift your game as a leader and as a coach? Are you looking to help others maximize their potential? Then, this webinar is for you. It has been designed to help you create the personal brand, strong connections, and profound conversations that are necessary to help others make major shifts in their performance and careers.

Join Gregg Thompson for this complimentary webinar as he delivers a message that is inspiring, practical and challenging. He will begin with a comprehensive overview of the core principles upon which all great coaching is based and will then address the following topics that are critically important for those seeking to advance their coaching abilities.

Constructive Confrontation – how to help others make significant shifts in their behaviors and attitudes by exploring tough, often-avoided issues.

Incisive Inquiry– how to create lines of inquiry that penetrate through closely-held assumptions and beliefs.

Deep listening – how to listen for the important things beyond the words such as values, emotions and aspirations.

Personal Change– how to counter the myth that there is a natural “resistance to change”.

Intuition and Intention – how to develop a powerful coaching impact by clarifying your motives and trusting your instincts.

Coaching from Character– how to earn the right to coach.

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