Dina is certified as a Master Coach and works with senior executives and their teams to develop leaders with the strategy to support compelling visions and with clear objectives to support their strategies. Dina helps her clients: communicate with clarity and courage, successfully manage direct reporting relationships, align senior teams, develop and retain key talent and acquire interpersonal skills that are essential to effective and compelling leadership.

Dina works to create a container where she meets her clients’ call to lead with wisdom, curiosity, insight and effective strategies.   She coaches in equal measure with her head and from her heart and guides her clients to approach leadership with equal emphasis on both.

Dina has designed instructional materials and delivered numerous corporate programs on a wide range of topics that support team building, enhance management skills and develop strong leaders throughout an organization.

Dina holds a B.A. in history from Princeton University. She received her coaching accreditation from The Coaches Training Institute and her credential as a Master Coach (MCC), from The International Coach Federation. She is certified in a range of assessment tools including DISC and PIAV and the Bar-On EQi. She is enrolled in a Masters Program in Psychology, lives in Santa Monica, CA where in her spare time she takes tap and improv classes and leads a monthly mastermind group focused on the shifting sands of life in the 50s.

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