Transform Your Talent and Organization

Bluepoint’s experience, fluidity, and creativity offer countless ways to design and execute coaching programs for your organization and people. Collaborate with our team to create a tailored initiative for individuals, groups and teams, or as an integral component of a leadership development program.

Design a coaching journey for any leadership level or organizational function through:
  • Personalized Goal Setting & Action Planning
  • A Diverse Coaching Network
  • Robust Tracking & Reporting
  • Complete Strategic Guidance

Now delivered through an intuitive, scalable platform

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1.Executive Coaching

Senior leaders face immense pressure and responsibility. They are expected to guide their organizations toward success while continually nurturing their own personal and professional development. This coaching engagement aims to bridge the gap between where executives currently stand and where they aspire to be. Our team of highly trained coaches provide a safe and confidential space for executives to explore challenges, broaden perspectives, and refine skills.

Our Executive Coaching engagement provides:
  • Deep Expertise: Bluepoint coaches leverage years of business and leadership experience to serve as a resource and sounding board.
  • Continuous Development: Dedicated space for executives to adjust behavior in line with their personal and organizational goals.
  • Comprehensive Toolkit: Establish an actionable development plan based on personal reflection, 360 assessments, and stakeholder interviews.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Address shifting priorities and rising challenges in real-time by scheduling sessions as needed.
  • Results Oriented Accountability: This entails identifying meaningful development goals and actions to achieve them, and ensuring the time and energy committed generates positive outcomes.

Delivered through our NEW coaching platform

2.Personal Impact Coaching

Personal Impact Coaching unleashes the potential in your key employees at both the people-leader and individual contributor levels. These professionals who sit at the foundation of your business performance now and for the future, develop and grow in areas that are unique to each of them in the context of their work. This program enhances the ability to address workplace demands, set better strategies, engage stakeholders more effectively, and proactively direct your organization through better self-knowledge and overall leadership skill development. Personal Impact Coaching also serves as an important retention strategy for those professionals you’ll be counting on to grow your business.

Our Personal Impact Coaching engagement provides:

  • Adaptable Program Design: Build a program precisely aligned to your goals with flexible engagement lengths, session packages, and supporting development tools.
  • Scalable Delivery: Deliver coaching to any leadership level in your organization through strategic guidance and project management.
  • Tactical Development: Gives your talent the tools to excel in their current role while simultaneously preparing them for future growth opportunities.

Delivered through our NEW coaching platform

3.Group & Team Coaching

Teams are the lifeblood of the workplace. Bluepoint understands this reality, and our coaching makes teams more powerful and effective. Our coaches help your groups illuminate their collective gifts and challenges, build trusting relationships, handle both opportunities and adversity, and generate higher performance. This approach contributes to building a broader positive company culture as our engagements emphasize intra-group dynamics such as collaboration, managing disagreements, adopting new learning and behaviors, and observing, practicing, and receiving feedback. Group and Team Coaching is ideally suited for teams engaged in a common project or as a mechanism to cement the adoption of new abilities.

Team Coaching: A space for intact teams to increase innovation, collaboration, and feedback. Team members can address and resolve challenges with guidance from a skilled coach to more rapidly and effectively advance the business.

Group Coaching: This method is ideally suited for a team or cohort who is implementing or adopting a new learning together. As either the byproduct of attending an educational workshop or instilling a new organizational practice or skill, your group will embrace and execute new thinking, behaviors, skills, or approaches as a supportive unit. Our coaches will ensure the proper team setting is established, and team outcomes will include clear action plans and stronger intra-team relationships.