Become a Leadership

Organizational leaders can amplify their impact by expanding their coaching capabilities. We hold clients accountable to make the personal changes necessary to become the best possible leaders and coaches they can be for their businesses, teams and organizations.

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Hire a Leadership Coach

Bluepoint coaches are certified professional coaches trained in advanced leadership practices to coach you to achieve your personal and professional goals. Coaches engage in intense, highly focused conversations to challenge clients to raise their game as leaders.

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Key benefits of working with Bluepoint Leadership Coaching:

Coaching has become an essential competency for leaders at all organization levels. Today (and into the foreseeable future) one of the most important priorities for leaders is to be a catalyst for the high performance and career acceleration of their team members, and coaching is one of the most potent leadership skills available. We engage in intense, highly-focused conversations in which clients are challenged to identify the most potent things they can do to significantly lift their game as leaders and to take immediate action to do so.

Coaching programs that fit your specific needs

Whether you wish to hire a coach, have a need for a coaching training program, wish to develop a coaching culture throughout your organization, or simply need a few helpful tools and resources, we can help. Clients can select any available coach from our cadre of outstanding leadership coaches, and a “good-fit,” no-obligation call is available to confirm a suitable working relationship.

  1. Rapid action learning—Coaches who help create successful project execution.
  2. Personal impact coaching—Personalized coaching for your most important issues.
  3. Executive leadership coaching—6-month, retainer-based coaching for senior-level clients.
  4. Leadership assessment coaching—Feedback coaching through Bluepoint’s 360 assessments.
  5. Learning application coaching—Learn to apply coaching lessons to your day-to-day work.

Master Coach Certification

The Bluepoint Master Coach Program is designed to equip HRD/OD professionals, experienced managers and select individual contributors with the knowledge, methodologies and expertise required to coach at a high level and, in doing so, help other organization members make significant improvements in their performance and advancements in their careers.

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Coaching Workshops

Coaching programs that include on-site and virtual leadership development workshops and express programs (90 minutes) that can be led by internal leaders. Customization is also available to help build a program crafted for your specific needs.

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