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Bluepoint is thrilled to offer a new virtual workshop series in partnership with the Human Capital Institute (HCI). These live, one-day workshops provide comprehensive learning experiences that ignite meaningful growth and lasting development.

Bluepoint’s workshops empower leaders to create extraordinary engagement, alignment, and commitment. With our research-based methods and practical approaches, you will walk away with a solid understanding of leadership practices and actionable plans to apply what you’ve learned.

Upcoming workshops

The Leader Within:  April 18
Leader as Coach: May 9
The Leader Speaks: May 23
Leading Change: June 20

Popular speaking topics include:

The Leader Within

Emotions! We all have them, and they are a powerful force in our lives. The Leader Within provides a deep dive into leadership emotional intelligence by helping participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how to connect with others. Learn how to respond to and manage emotions and, in doing so, enhance your ability to work effectively with others.

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Leader as Coach

Great coaches earn the right to coach through the quality of their character. They know themselves well, are confident in their roles as coaches, and are deeply committed to the success of the people they lead. During this workshop, examine the core elements that form your unique character. Using in-class coaching and feedback, take the opportunity to assess your unique values, motivations, talents, and intentions, and analyze the influence these factors have on your coaching impact.

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The Leader Speaks

Effective communication isn’t merely another leadership competency. It’s the very heart of leadership and permeates everything leaders do. The Leader Speaks workshop equips you with practical leadership approaches to significantly accelerate your communication effectiveness. Learn how to use your natural leadership and communication talents to immediately have a positive impact on others in your organization and beyond.

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Leading Change 

Change has become a pervasive element of organizational life, and the ability to effectively navigate change will distinguish the great leaders of the future. Leading Change provides a powerful yet practical approach to better appreciate the change process and why some people resist change. Focus on developing skills, approaches, and habits around change, and learn how to transfer these skills to the team.

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Truly great leaders know how to build connections, coach others, communicate effectively, and lead teams through times of change. Maximize development by enrolling in all four workshops.

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