We often think about leadership impact in terms of inspiring presentations, extraordinary teamwork, and innovative strategic decisions. These are all important aspects of leadership; however, the many one-on-one conversations we have every day present countless opportunities for us to have a significant, positive impact on others. This workshop is designed to help leaders make a shift in their ability to hold others accountable, to constructively confront others and, in doing so, significantly increase their interpersonal impact.

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    • Benefits
      • Identify the barriers to difficult conversations and how to overcome them
      • Explore opportunities to have constructive, meaningful, and courageous conversations
      • Learn how to incorporate feedback as part of your daily leadership role
    • Agenda
      • One-on-One Courageous Conversations Introduction
      • Overcoming the Barriers: Introduction, Reflection, and Discussion
      • Courageous Conversation Model
      • Applying the Model
      • Commitments & Close