Bluepoint Leadership Development

Matt Robertson

Senior Facilitator & Leadership Coach

Matt is a Senior Facilitator and Leadership Coach with a passion for developing leadership clarity and effectiveness.  As a PCC accredited coach with the ICF, Matt brings proven strategy, people and change leadership expertise.  In his corporate career, Matt has been fortunate to work for a range of Fortune 500 and mid-market organizations, including: BMW, Unilever, Menasha Corporation and Compass Group.

As Senior Director of Supply Chain at Menasha Packaging, Matt was responsible for amalgamating five supply functions into one operating unit. He was responsible for a +$100M supply chain and a team of 300+ employees.  Matt also held a Director of Business Integration role in which he established a new business unit to service a tier one CPG customer, after Menasha entered Canada via acquisition.

As part of a leadership development program at Unilever, Matt was able to work with a leadership coach over a number of months.  After gaining significant value from the process, Matt decided to train and certify as a coach.  As his corporate career progressed, Matt took on increasingly complex projects and mandates that provided the opportunity to experiment with what he was learning as a coach.

As a Senior Facilitator and Leadership Coach, Matt’s diverse functional and industry background have enabled him to relate with a breadth of clients and client agendas. Matt actively partners with leaders in c-suite, executive, senior management and high-potential roles. He has been fortunate to coach leaders in numerous industries, including: aerospace, banking, commercial real estate, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, health care, oil and gas, plastics and chemicals, professional services, retail, technology, and utilities.

Matt coaches leaders one-on-one and teams of two-or-more leaders.  Coaching mandates include: leadership assessment for development planning and executive placement, preparing for and adjusting to new mandates and elevations in the organization, team effectiveness, and interventions for leaders and teams who need to urgently improve their leadership effectiveness.

Regarding Matt’s facilitation experience, he’s worked with groups of senior leaders and executives in North America, Europe and Asia.  Facilitation mandates include: a range of leadership development topics, strategic planning and key note addresses.

Matt partners with leaders to explore their context, to distill their most impactful priorities and the leadership approaches might not be serving anymore.  Some of the most common coaching topics include: “Change and Transformation”, “Capacity, Scale and Efficiency”, “Executive Presence and Range”, “Important Conversations and Feedback”, “Influence and Credibility”, “Leadership Brand”, “Mindset and Energy Burn”, “Operating Rhythm”, “Strategic Clarity and Team Purpose”, and “Team Development”.

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