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Nozomi Morgan

Leadership Coach

Nozomi Morgan is a certified Executive Coach and President and Founder of Michiki Morgan Worldwide. She guides experienced, high-achieving professionals to elevate their careers by helping them cultivate their own unique style of leadership.

Nozomi’s clients have a yen for international business, are successful in the global marketplace, and are savvy in international and cross-cultural relations. Her work includes coaching experienced professionals from all over the world — from C-Suite executives to up-and-coming managers.

She also works with multinational teams within global corporations to overcome the tension and frustration that can naturally arise from cultural differences. Her clients experience dramatic improvement in key performance indicators through enhancing communication and cultivating trust.

She strives to bring out the inner leader in all of her clients and helps them develop their own leadership mindset, confidence, and presence, so they can be and do their very best. In addition to coaching, Nozomi speaks and trains on leadership, careers, professional development and cross-cultural business communication.

Her diverse international background—having lived in Asia, Europe and North America—gives her a wealth of experience and knowledge as a coach, speaker, and mentor. Born and raised in Japan, she values integrity, professionalism, and respect, all of which are core tenets of her deeply ingrained heritage.

For more than 15 years, Nozomi garnered expertise as a corporate marketer, working for top companies such as Delta Air Lines, Johnson & Johnson, BBDO, and working with industry-leading clients in the automotive, consumer package goods, fashion, finance, entertainment, IT, lifestyle, and airline sectors. She holds an MBA from Yale.

Nozomi currently lives in the United States and frequently travels to Tokyo. She enjoys giving back to the community as the VP of Professional Development at the National Association of Asian American Professionals Atlanta Chapter and serving as the National Co-Director of Women in NAAAP program helping women’s leadership development.

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