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Weng Ng Jun

Senior Facilitator & Leadership Coach

Ng Weng Jun is Managing Director & Principal Consultant of Bluepoint Leadership Development (Asia) Pte Ltd based in Singapore. He has extensive experience working with clients as diverse as sea-faring sailors to hospital professionals to boardroom executives.

His passion for personal and organizational leadership began twenty years ago while working as a productivity consultant studying workflow processes in client organizations. He noticed that people working on the same project/task every day knew everything about their own job but could not work cooperatively with others to improve team and organizational performance. He concluded that the reason is due to an overall lack of leadership at the individual, team and company levels. Ironically, management control and related skills was generally strong.

Weng Jun spent 5 years in China running a successful consulting business in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou starting from scratch. The team of consultants he developed has consistently won accolades and has been voted as one of the top consulting companies in China since the year 2000.

He has extensive experience throughout East Asia working with client managers in industries such as finance, manufacturing, retail, sales and distribution and technology firms. He has led successful projects and programs in countries such as Vietnam, China, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and on board a super-chemical tanker sailing across the Indian Ocean.

Weng Jun started Bluepoint Leadership Development in Singapore with the commitment to establish a company that would walk its talk. Bluepoint Leadership Development (Asia) Pte Ltd inspires people to lead themselves and their organizations with authenticity, foresight and engagement.

Weng Jun earned his bachelor degree at the National University of Singapore and a diploma in training development from the Singapore Institute of Management.

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