Bluepoint Leadership Development

Custom Leadership Programs

Design a program tailored to fit the needs of your leaders and organization. 

Tailor Learning for Your Leaders

Every leader is unique, with their own set of strengths, aspirations, and areas for growth. Celebrate this individuality and deliver a learning experience curated to your leaders

Whether you aim to foster shared leadership practices across organizational levels, address specific skill gaps, or expand upon existing initiatives, we have the ability to create a program that aligns with your specific goals and objectives

Partner with our in-house instructional designers and strategic learning partners to design a personalized, blended learning journey for leaders at any level in your organization.

Curate a learning experience where participants will: 

  • Gain personal insight through assessments and real-time feedback.
  • Develop essential skills and mindsets needed to excel in leadership roles within the organization.
  • Adopt new leadership practices and immediately applicable skills.
  • Create a personal development action plan that aligns with and accelerates the organization’s strategic priorities.

Powerful Portfolio of Learning

Choose from a range of customizable learning solutions to craft a unique learning journey. 

Experiential Workshops

Choose from a library of 25+ in-person and virtual workshops for skill development, practice, and actionable commitments.

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Proprietary Assessments

360-degree assessments and various external evaluations that provide valuable feedback and insight for your leaders.

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Individual & Group Coaching

Work with world-class coaches to advance development plans and reinforce learning in individual or group settings.

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Learning Application Groups

Strategic leadership forums where participants can support and encourage each other, promote group and individual learning, encourage reflection, and create a culture of accountability.

Micro eLearning

An engaging reinforcement tool to drive a leader’s behavior, boost performance, and apply Bluepoint workshop concepts.

Leadership Projects

Create teams led by an executive sponsor to collaboratively tackle organizational challenges and opportunities.

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Design Your Custom Program

Experience exceptional client service and project management from start to finish.

 We work with you to gather information about your organization’s current situation, identify gaps, and determine the most effective leadership development experiences to meet your organization’s unique needs.

We provide as much support as you need for participant selection, whether you have a group of leaders in mind from the start or need to design a candidate selection process.

Design a program that looks and feels like your own.

  • Modify language and visual imagery.
  • Weave specific cultural values and strategic goals throughout the program.
  • Incorporate existing logo and brand colors or craft program-specific branding.

This tailored approach to branding the program ensures your leadership development program meets the mark while being visually appealing and unique to your organization.

Choose from a mix of self-led and facilitator-led learning opportunities that can be delivered online or on-site. Each custom leadership journey comprises purposefully selected learning experiences such as assessments, workshops, coaching, and more.

Evaluation, measurement, and assessment are important components in learning journeys to ensure meaningful, lasting results. Each evaluation process is flexible and developed around organizational learning objectives. We work with our clients to select the best method for illustrating the program’s impact.

Sample Program Schematic

Let's Explore a Custom Leadership Program for Your Organization

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