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Strategies to Evaluate the ROI of Coaching

Coaching demands a significant investment in time and resources, yet its potential to profoundly benefit both individuals and organizations cannot be overstated. This is evident in the transformative anecdotes and narratives showcasing shifts in attitude, enhanced capabilities, personal growth, and improved performance among coachees. Discover how in the article The Value of Coaching.

Often though organizations want more solid data to prove their investment was worth it.  

So how do you measure the return on this investment in a quantitative manner? Though it is difficult and somewhat complex to capture quantitative data when it comes to coaching, there are some organizational impact metrics we can track to ensure that there is return for the time and cost committed to this developmental strategy. 

 In this guide you will learn: 

  • Key functional areas in the organization that coaching can have an impact on. 
  • Questions to ask yourself when assessing these areas and strategies for maximizing the benefits of coaching for each. 
  • Thoughts and ideas on how to put quantitative numbers behind each of these key areas.  

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