Creating a strong, recognized leadership brand is a very important factor in your success as a leader. A distinctive leadership brand is comprised of many elements—values, ambitions, reputation and day-to-day practices. It is the foundation of your leadership. It determines how you influence others even when you are not present. While it is easy to see this as an egocentric and self-promoting process, it is not. It is simply being intentional about presenting your unique beliefs, values, and aspirations to others in ways that advance your effectiveness as a leader. For example, if you value creativity, are you seen as a leader who promotes innovation? If you believe in the development of others, are you seen as a coach? If you have the ability to see a great future for your team or organization, do others see you as visionary? During this workshop, you will have opportunities to study and reflect upon your leadership brand and identify ways that you can enhance this brand.

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    • Benefits
      • Learn the difference between universal leadership brands and organizational-specific leadership brands.
      • Discover their personal leadership brand by exploring unique traits & characteristics as well as how these might impact others.
      • Be challenged to answer the bigger question: As a leader, how do you want to be known?
    • Agenda
      • Introduction
      • Universal Leadership Brands
      • Organization Leadership Brands
      • Traits & Characteristics
      • My Leadership Brand
      • Living My Brand & Wrap-Up