Brooks Sports is an exciting, vibrant company (part of Berkshire Hathaway) that has adopted a niche strategy to compete against the behemoth brands in the sports apparel and footwear marketplace. Their target market is runners and their call to action is ‘Run Happy!’

They are successfully growing and to kick up the pace, they invited Bluepoint to partner on a strategic approach to developing their leaders. Every year for the last three years, Bluepoint has run an annual leadership strategy session for the top 40 leaders. In year-one, Bluepoint took an interactive approach with our content The Leadership Essentials to embed a solid foundation and framwork for leadership.  Year-two paved the way for a leaders-teaching-leaders approach using Bluepoint‘s Leader as Coach.  This ensured a strong top tier leadership team that became well positioned to grow the next level of leaders for Brooks. Following this in year-three, Bluepoint launched the ACCELERATE High Potential Program for Brooks which was designed to drive strategy.

ACCELERATE gathers select high potentials leaders from around the world for an intensive 2-day retreat based on a tailored version of The Leadership Essentials. It helps every high potential leader see how they can step up and lead self, others, teams and their organization in a way that is consistent with their company’s values and unique strategies.

This work at Brooks represents a best in class example of multi-level leadership development reflecting their brand, their values and underpinning their exciting growth strategy.

Our best is yet to come

“I truly believe our best is yet to come and yet the challenge for us as leaders has never been greater. We must continue every day to solve the puzzle to grow with runners while building a strong, healthy, profitable company. This is what success looks like for Brooks and we are leading it.”
Jim Weber, CEO