Iconic San Francisco headquartered GAP has been hugely successful in traditional retail, however, they are being challenged like never before in a highly competitive, fashion fickle, online and bricks and mortar environment. CEO Art Peck is tackling this head on with big changes in leadership, strategy, supply chain, recruiting and also, as you would expect, leadership development. The goal is to get the GAP brand back to growth.

Initially, Bluepoint’s work started with the Banana Republic brand and the launch of the Leadership Essentials Workshop for select high potential leaders. News of reviews from this exceptional program started to travel across GAP brands and resulted in workshops and coaching with GAP Tech, their Corporate Administration, their Loss Prevention and other areas under GAP’s corporate umbrella. The most significant outcome was the creation of the GAP’s PIVOT High Potential Program.



PIVOT  was comprised of identified high potential leadership talent across all brands – GAP, Banana Republic, Athleta, Old Navy, etc. It was launched by CEO Art Peck to set the strategy and expectations within their organization. In addition to the required rework of the participants, the mainstay of the program was a branded and tailored version of Bluepoint‘s The Leadeship Essentials.  There were 12 weeks of online follow-up and the participants reconvened for a one-day innovation session led by GAP’s own Director of Innovation.

In addition to the PIVOT program, Bluepoint also delivered The Leader Within, the Advanced Leadership Academy and Trio Application Coaching with GAP.

Bringing knowledge and success!

“Pivot was excellent! Everyone really appreciated the knowledge and overall way of being that your facilitator brought. A great cultural fit and master of the classroom. The session was received extremely positively. “ Tina Richardson, Manager|Learning & Development, GAP