Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS) is one of the leading captive financial services providers in the world, operating in 40 countries with an employee base of 6800 who manage a portfolio of $32 billion. MBFS’s goal is to be the first-choice provider of vehicle financial products and services that support their brands, dealers and customers. They recognize that this can not be achieved without inspired people who have the skills, experience and innovative spirt to ensure that they deliver a first-class experience at every turn.

In 2014, MBFS recognized the strong need to incorporate more active leadership coaching into the fabric of their culture. They engaged with Bluepoint to roll out The Leader as Coach to leaders worldwide. Since then, the program has received recognition as one that has had tremendous impact and value in their organization. Participants have reported very positive feedback about their coaching development and the impact it has had on their leadership. Some of the post-workshop comments include:  “has challenged me to invest in my people at the highest level possible”; “coaching relationships have become more productive and effective”; “more consistent in listening to the people I interact with and identifying what motivates them”; and “has shown me why being a better coach or leader is so important to our organization”.


Leader as Coach continues to be expanded and delivered to leaders around the globe by both internally-certified MBFS trainers and Bluepoint senior facilitators