Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA has worked with Bluepoint for over six years now. It started when key leaders from Yamaha were invited to a unique Leadership for Customers initiatve at GE’s Crotonville Leadership Center delivered by Bluepoint. Yamaha leaders raved about the experience, and Chris Stehman and Charlene Miller, who head up leadership development at Yamaha, took note.

Early efforts were targeted to key senior leaders at Yamaha. Identified as part of the succession planning process,  these senior leaders attended Bluepoint’s Advanced Leadership Academy. With many leaders rotating from Japan, building trust, establishing credibility and quickly adapting to change were key factors in the success of working with Bluepoint – this senior program set the tone for high impact leadership.

As the partnership with Bluepoint evolved, Bluepoint was invited to partner on a  key intiaitive called Yamaha DNA using Bluepoint‘s  The Leader Within Workshop. There were two levels targeted:  the Regional Executive Program (REP) and the Regional Manager Program (REP).  With the banner theme of Yamaha DNA and core content from Bluepoint, it builds a strong common language, solid practices and important behaviors up and down the organization.  And like the double helix of a DNA strand, it intertwines the very best of leadership behaviors with the organizational goals of Yamaha for a pathway of effective, highly potent leadership. In additon to the core program, the more senior Regional Executives were provided with a team of dedicated Bluepoint coaches to conduct post-workshop coaching and continuation of their learning and to drive accountability.