Leadership Workshops

We educate, train and coach leaders to use their natural talents to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development through highly experiential learning solutions. Our leadership workshops accelerate personal and professional development by creating exceptional alignment, engagement, innovation, and productivity. We strive to meet the needs of your organization so therefore we offer facilitator-led, in-person and virtual workshops for our standard leadership programs.

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Custom Design

We offer fully customizable instructional and graphic design to leverage your organization’s unique brand, competency model, core values, and culture.

Bluepoint’s leadership workshops are known for their 10 distinctions:

  1. Great Expectations – We set the bar high for participants
  2. Research-based Content – Content that creates the most valuable outcomes
  3. Impact on Business Results – Developing the skills needed for your specific challenges
  4. High Engagement – Educational processes for all types of learners
  5. Personal Growth – Developing leadership skills based on your experiences
  6. Feedback-Rich – Confidential and peer evaluations with facilitator coaching
  7. Building on Strengths – Identifying, cultivating and capitalizing on your strengths
  8. Intense Learning Experiences – Challenges for the “here and now” in real time
  9. Potent Cross-Training – Peer coaching, private reflection, action-learning and more
  10. Making the Learning Stick – Follow-up lessons and support programs