Prepare – Learn – Apply

We draw upon the very best of our high-impact, in-person and virtual workshops and our best-in-class online resources to create leadership development programs that are tailored to specific client needs.

Our overriding objective is to graduate leaders who have been highly engaged in the learning processes, are equipped with a deep understanding of proven leadership principles and are actively applying new skills in their day-to-day interactions.

Preparation for Learning

Readings, pre-work questionnaires, 360 assessments, program overview videos, manager learning contracts

Accountability Trios

Peer coaching cohorts


Learning refreshers, fresh content, check-ins

Application Coaching

Three sessions with a skilled Bluepoint Leadership Coach


Brief, weekly, thought-provoking note via email

Self-Directed Study

Video Lessons, books, blogs, articles


Based on Bluepoint's Enterprise Value Leadership Model