Imagine a leadership style that resonates with who you are at your core; your decisions, actions, and words align with genuine purpose and passion.

In this workshop, participants learn about themselves and harness these insights to inspire and lead others with unwavering integrity and passion. They will explore the core principles of authentic leadership, engage in a learning experience to identify their unique passions and purposes that are most important to them, learn how to align their values with their leadership, and focus their efforts on work that is most invigorating and meaningful to them. This is a highly interactive learning experience designed to challenge participants to step up to the demands of being an authentic leader in today’s complex, ever-changing organizations.

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    • Benefits
      • Understand the importance of authenticity in their leadership careers by answering: What does authenticity look like to me? How do I want to be seen by others?
      • Identify their personal passions and purpose that are foundational to their unique authenticity and leadership style.
      • Explore how trust and authenticity are built and maintained even in times of change.
      • Create and commit to a plan to lead and live authentically in their daily interactions with others.
    • Agenda
      • Introduction: Why do Passion and Purpose Matter?
      • My Passions: Where do I find joy?
      • My Purpose: What matters most to me?
      • Living & Working with Passion and Purpose: Where do I spend my time?
      • Reflections/Coaching: How can I spend more time on what brings me joy and purpose?
      • Commitments/Close