Bluepoint Leadership Development

Dr Srinivas Chirravuri

Senior Facilitator & Leadership Coach

Before founding Pariprashna in January 2022, Dr Ch served in Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance (BFSI), Education, Engineering, Manufacturing & Technology sectors.

Ch calls himself a Learning Doctor enabling business outcomes by Strategizing Learning besides Designing & Delivering learning interventions.

He Coaches Executives, Facilitates Vision & Strategy Work-outs alongside Culture & Trust Conversations using Design Thinking & Change Leadership frameworks.

Ch structures a development journey to help identify & rephrase one’s limiting beliefs.

Ch is a Guest Faculty at Top B-Schools, a Key-note speaker & a Corporate-awards Jury member.

EQi 2.0, DiSC, StrengthsFinder, FIRO-B, etc. are a few tools Ch uses to Coach leaders.

He loves reading, singing, blogging and jogging.

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