Bluepoint Leadership Development

Eileen Woods

Senior Facilitator & Leadership Coach

Eileen is an experienced leadership coach who has spent over 30 years cultivating and honing the talents of high performers at all levels across a variety of organizations in the healthcare industry. Her experience spans sales, sales management, consulting, marketing, training, coaching, and leadership development, but no matter what her role, she is consistently passionate about inspiring people to discover their talents and then creating a plan to leverage those talents for personal and professional success.

Eileen has served as an internal coach in several Fortune 1000 companies, always with an eye to aligning business strategy with people strategy. She approaches her work with clients from the perspective that the success of an organization or a strategy boils down to the people implementing that strategy. If an organization is not willing to invest in its people and their development, even the greatest of strategies will fail.

Eileen loves to brainstorm about creative approaches to teaching real world applications of management and leadership concepts. A question she always asks is: “When your employees walk out of this program or coaching experience, what do you hope they will think, say, or do differently?” That focus on encouraging individuals to articulate the expected tangible results of a particular program or development plan before implementing it has been a major driver of success for her clients.

Eileen has designed and delivered over one hundred management and leadership courses in her career. She has coached nearly one hundred sales professionals, sales managers, marketing leaders, and second line leaders as well.

Eileen started her career in sales with Boehringer Mannheim. She then went on to work for C.R. Bard, Coram Healthcare, LifeCell, Celgene, and Bristol Myers Squibb. Along with two other partners, she also founded a successful performance consulting firm called Agentive, where she collaborated with clients in several different industries.

Eileen is certified in the Bluepoint Coaching model, DiSC, Situational Leadership, Gallup StrengthsFinder, SRG TalentProfiler, and is a Certified Advisor (CSA) for the Sparketype Assessment.

Recent clients include Pantheon, Prologis, SentinelOne, TriMet, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

When it comes to her philosophy on leadership, Eileen sums it up with her favorite quote from the poet Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.”

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