Bluepoint Leadership Development

Wendy Wang

Senior Facilitator

Wendy Wang is a senior consultant who offers practical insights to enhance personal and organizational effectiveness. Her strength is leadership development and talent management.

Business Experience

Wendy has been Senior Consultant of Human Capital Management for IBM Greater China Business Consulting Services. She has taken part in the planning and implementation of many professionalization projects for sales teams, and developed key training programs that meet the ability development requirements of sales teams. Her work in mixed-type programs of training and development for about 500 people has greatly promoted the transition in marketing and sales behaviors. As the project manager, Wendy has managed and led the consultant team to provide training in customer service for several senior executives and customer managers of mobile companies, greatly helping clients on their customer-oriented transition. At the same time, she designed the IBM Important Partner Leadership Development Program, utilizing the experience of developing IBM managers. Later, Wendy worked as the project manager and major consultant in management training for nearly 300 senior managers of domestic companies, highly praised by many professional managers.

Consulting Experience

Wendy has rich experience in multinational companies in China. Fast moving consumer goods industry, manufacturing industry and consulting industry are all in her area. She has excellent insights in developing management teams, sales teams and staff behaviors. As a DDI and MBTI certified trainer, she is good at many training areas, including professional sales, services and management skills of frontline managers.

Devoting herself to training and consulting with great passion, Wendy can interact with trainees and build trust with them because of her excellent interpersonal skills and affinity. Years of consulting experience make her a professional in understanding client industry efficiently, finding key issues and combining them in her class. Passion, kindness and professionalism describe her as a trainer and consultant.

Education Background

1999-2001, MBA, Maastricht University
1988-1992, BA in History, Shaanxi Normal University

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