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Addressing Leader and Workplace Fatigue

Nearly every recent workplace study indicates that both leader and follower fatigue is widespread, real, and ongoing, especially in the healthcare industry. Even in the post-covid phase, this one element continues to linger and plague the effectiveness and enjoyment of work. People are tired, stressed, frustrated, and drained, with no end in sight. And we know that these sentiments affect work quality, decision-making, communication and teamwork, morale, and more. Yet a compelling study out of the Mayo Clinic offers a proven strategy to address this challenge, leader coaching. Their findings conclude that coaching is an effective antidote to stress, burnout, and fatigue, and the positive effects are felt beyond those coached. With that as a backdrop, there are four potential strategies organizations can employ to bring coaching and/or a coach mindset into their workplaces. Which one is best for you?

During this webinar you will:

  • Grasp the Mayo Clinic study of coaching’s effect on burnout, resilience, and quality of life.
  • Understand what happens inside a coaching engagement to address professional fatigue.
  • Gain insight into four coaching deployment strategies for your organization.

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