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The Key to Powerful Leadership Communication


Those who are new to leadership often function primarily as information brokers. They spend an enormous amount of time and effort gathering information, synthesizing it and providing it to others. Unfortunately, people don’t need more information. They need more perspective and meaning. What they really need is more leadership.

When the true leader speaks, things happen. In this video, Gregg Thompson, Founder of Bluepoint Leadership Development, dispels the myths about communication, identifies the difference between leadership communication and management communication, and then shares three dimensions that leaders can use so that their words will make a difference. One voice, your voice, can make a difference…when The Leader Speaks.

4 Responses to “The Key to Powerful Leadership Communication”

  • Michael Flanagan

    This is a great video Greg – very well done and very powerful. Thank you.

    • Gregg Thompson

      Thanks Michael, Appreicate the feedback and glad you enjoyed the video.

  • Catherine Keydeniers

    Thank you Gregg for connecting with me on a personal level with this video. Many timely truths I needed to hear and am now embracing and walking out in the process improvement project I am leading.

    I am excited to see how my communication changes to impact our team, our project and our organization as we move forward after me seeing your video, The Key to Powerful Leadership Communication.

    Catherine Keydeniers
    Sr. Trainer
    Meriwest Credit Union

    • Gregg Thompson

      Thanks Catherine, I’m happy to hear how this video will help you have a large impact on your team!

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