Develop leaders who can adapt, recover, and innovate when faced with adversity

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s more important than ever to have the skills to not only bounce back from challenges and setbacks but also propel forward and thrive. As part of this experiential workshop, participants are equipped with skills, tools, and mindsets they can immediately use to strengthen their resilience. They will explore key areas of resilience, including growth mindset, self-compassion, optimism, and innovation. Participants will also complete a self-assessment to identify current strengths and opportunities for growth and development.

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    • Benefits
      • Understand the link between resilience and leadership and how a leader can foster resilience in a team.
      • Explore key areas of building resilience, including a growth mindset, self-compassion, optimism, and innovation.
      • Identify current personal strengths and opportunities for growth in order to apply a resilience framework.
      • Develop a personal action plan for building resilience daily and employing effective strategies to foster an overall resilient team and workforce.
    • Agenda
      • Resilience Introduction
      • Resilience: Self Assessment
      • The Building Resilience Model
      • Commitments and Close