Even with the best of intentions, the people who populate any organization come with differing personalities, competing agendas and personal priorities. The big question facing every member of the organization is this: “How can I be heard and make a real difference?” This practical, hands-on workshop provides participants with the opportunity to explore ways in which they can substantially increase their interpersonal effectiveness regardless of their place in the organization. Participants gain a stronger sense of self-awareness, clarity on what matters most to them in work and life, and an increased ability to make profound, influential connections with others.

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    • Benefits
      • Identify their dominant influencing style using a forced-choice self-assessment.
      • Learn the primary practices associated with each influencing style, the situations in which they work best, and their potential negative consequences.
      • Explore ways they can use their preferred influencing style more effectively.
      • Discover ways to readily shift to non-preferred styles and, in doing so, significantly increase potent interpersonal practices.
    • Agenda
      • Introduction
      • The Five Dominant Influencing Styles A Self-Assessment
      • Sharpening Your Edge
      • Is It Working?
      • Shifting Styles
      • Wrap-Up