While working remotely is rapidly becoming the norm, this new reality presents challenges for leaders who are used to working face-to-face with their teams and colleagues. In order to ensure high levels of engagement, alignment, and productivity, leaders will need to be more intentional about the way they lead. Leading the Virtual & Remote Team is designed to equip leaders with the key approaches and skills necessary to increase their leadership effectiveness in five key dimensions: Accountability, Community, Communication, Collaboration, and Coaching—skills that are not only vital for leading remote teams, but also critical for all leaders.

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    • Benefits
      • Develop communication that creates alignment, engagement, and innovation.
      • Practice four leadership dimensions needed in a remote environment: Community, Communication, Collaboration, and Coaching.
      • Learn key approaches and skills necessary to successfully lead a remote team.
      • Build a purpose-driven connected remote community.
    • Agenda
      • The Challenges and Opportunities of Leading Remote Teams
      • Taking Stock: A Self-Assessment of Current Leadership Effectiveness
      • Building a Purpose-Driven Community
      • Communication That Creates Alignment, Engagement, and Innovation
      • Collaboration: Creating Meaningful, Cross-Functional Partnerships
      • Coaching: Making the Shift