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Leading Change

This is a fast-paced, hands-on workshop in which participants will gain immediately usable communication, mentoring, and coaching skills that they can employ to help their team members thrive in periods of substantial change.

Learn to effectively lead and sustain change

In this workshop, participants will identify the most important business and organization changes they are facing and focus directly on developing the skills, approaches, and habits that will have the most immediate and significant impact on these changes. The workshop is fast-paced and highly experiential, employing a wide variety of proven educational processes to maximize participant learning and stimulate new ways of thinking about leading change.

Micro eLearning

Post-Workshop Support for Leading Change includes a 16-week Micro eLearning Program powered by Mindmarker. The micro eLearning program includes a series of strategically-designed messages that are sent to participants two to three times a week for several months following the workshop. A sequence of videos, podcasts, quizzes, surveys, and assignments help participants refresh and deepen their understanding of workshop concepts, reflect on their current leadership practices, and make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior.

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  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the change process and their role in making the process a positive experience for themselves and their team members.
  • Understand how they can help others navigate through and accelerate the change process.
  • Gain immediately usable communication, mentoring, and coaching skills that they can employ to help their team members respond to and thrive in periods of substantial organization and business change.
  • Leave with specific commitments that will ensure the implementation of new behaviors and an operational plan.


The Leading Change Model

Creating direction: Build a foundation and motivation for change by crafting and communicating a renewed sense of purpose, alignment, and individual contribution.
Accelerate mastery: Share expertise and ensure team members quickly master the skills, competencies, and processes necessary for high performance in the changed environment.
Coach others: Help team members gain a strong sense of role clarity, autonomy, and personal commitment through coaching relationships and conversations in which they explore their personal aspirations, generate new opportunities going forward, and are held accountable to their highest standards of performance.



  • Introduction
  • Leading Change Model
  • My Big Delta & Alignment Arrow
  • Self-Assessment
  • Creating Direction Introduction
  • Creating Direction: Communicating in Times of Change Best Practices
  • Accelerate Mastery
  • Coaching Others
  • Coaching Experiential: My Commitment

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