Bluepoint Leadership Development

Leading High-Performance Teams

In this skills-based workshop, participants are introduced to Three Key Team Leadership Practices to learn how they can make a dramatic shift in their approach to leadership and create teams with exceptional productivity, innovation and execution.

Empower exceptional performance

Formal and informal teams are the foundation of all organizations and leading them effectively is a critical competency for leaders that can be learned and developed. High-performance teams are distinguished by their remarkable productivity, innovation, and agility, responding quickly to changing market demands. Leading high-performance teams will become a more in-demand skill in the future, as teams are increasingly becoming hybrid and more complex. In this workshop, participants will learn the building blocks of how to build a high-performance team and lead them to deliver exceptional results for their organization.


  • Understand that creating high performance teams is a critical leadership competency and leading a high performance team effectively can be readily learned and developed.
  • Develop and articulate a compelling purpose.
  • Foster strong connections and develop positive working relationships.
  • Learn why and how to create a culture of accountability by ensuring that every team member is personally responsible for an ambitious, measurable outcome.


  • Introduction
  • A peak team experience
  • The three key team leadership practices
  • Team leadership practice #1: Articulate a compelling purpose
  • Team leadership practice #2: Foster strong connections
  • Team leadership practice #3: Creating accountability patterns
  • Commitments & action plans

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