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Powerful Coaching Conversations

The Powerful Coaching Conversation Workshop is a practical, hands-on training experience for leaders seeking to become much more coach-like in all of their interactions.

Strengthen coaching skills to create more meaningful conversations

The Powerful Coaching Conversation Workshop equips participants with a solid understanding of the impact of coaching conversations, immediately usable coaching skills and tools, and a plan to integrate coaching into their leadership so they can have a significant, positive impact on the performance, learning, and careers of others.

Micro eLearning

Post-Workshop Support for The Powerful Coaching Conversation includes a 12-week Micro eLearning Program powered by Mindmarker. The micro eLearning program includes a series of strategically-designed messages that are sent to participants two to three times a week for several months following the workshop. A sequence of videos, podcasts, quizzes, surveys, and assignments help participants refresh and deepen their understanding of workshop concepts, reflect on their current leadership practices, and make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior.

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  • Understand and master the Five Core Coaching Practices
  • Gain immediately-usable coaching processes, skills, and tools to enhance interpersonal impact.
  • Practice new concepts and approaches through Coaching Experientials and receive direct feedback on the effectiveness of their coaching.
  • Learn how to create an environment of trust and accountability in which well-intentioned feedback flows freely.
  • Establish a plan to integrate a coaching approach into their daily interactions.


Five Core Coaching Practices

Affirm the person: Creating the environment for receptivity to feedback, learning, and development.
Confront the facts: Courageously confronting expectations, perspectives, and current realities.
Explore the possibilities: Generating fresh thinking, radical options, and ambitious paths forward.
Encourage the change: Inspiring personal learning and transformation.
Advance the Action: Identifying and committing to the most potent steps forward.


  • Conversations that Mattered
  • The Five Core Coaching Practices
  • The Power of the Question
  • The Coaching Conversation at Work
  • Constructive Confrontation in Coaching
  • The Coaching Conversation Experiential
  • Action Planning & Wrap Up

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