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The Leader Within – Leadership Emotional Intelligence


Great leaders not only manage themselves well, they are also able to harness the power of emotions to create significant connections with others and become positive influences within their teams and throughout their organizations.

In Bluepoint’s new video, Gregg Thompson shares the four key dimensions of leadership emotional intelligence that leaders need to attend to in order to enhance their ability to work effectively with others, teams, and organizations.

The Leader Within Workshop is designed to provide a solid foundation for those seeking to significantly accelerate their development as leaders. Rather than simply studying the practices and approaches of successful leaders, this workshop takes participants on a deeper journey into their inner world where they will learn to tap the enormous power of their emotions and moods. Through the course of the day, they will discover how leadership emotional intelligence is the primary determinant of a leader’s ability to effectively influence others. They will learn to recognize their own emotions in a wide variety of interpersonal circumstances, respond to these emotions in ways that enhance their leadership, become aware of the emotions of others, and be a positive, energizing force within their organization.


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