Bluepoint Leadership Development

Executive Leader As Coach

An immersive development program for executives and senior managers who want to be instrumental in creating a corporate coaching culture.

Identify actions you can take to establish a culture of coaching within the organization.

Drawing upon the timeless principles and processes employed by great leaders and professional coaches, this advanced version of the Leader as Coach workshop helps participants critically examine their current personal coaching effectiveness, explore ways they can dramatically increase the quality of their coaching relationships and conversations, and learn how to establish a culture of coaching throughout their organizations. Participants can also receive confidential, anonymous feedback on their current coaching effectiveness through the Leader as Coach Inventory (LCI/360).

Micro eLearning

Post-Workshop Support for Executive Leader as Coach includes a 16-week Micro eLearning Program powered by Mindmarker. The micro eLearning program includes a series of strategically-designed messages that are sent to participants two to three times a week for several months following the workshop. A sequence of videos, podcasts, quizzes, surveys, and assignments help participants refresh and deepen their understanding of workshop concepts, reflect on their current leadership practices, and make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior.

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  • Acquire immediately-usable tools and skills that can be employed to enhance both performance and career conversations.
  • Explore ways in which participants can model and encourage high levels of personal accountability.
  • Learn how to constructively confront others and engage in high-impact conversations.
  • Discover opportunities to practice coaching and receive real-time feedback on their effectiveness.
  • Identify actions needed to establish a culture of coaching within the organization.


The Three C Coaching Model

Great coaches earn the right to coach through the quality of their character. During the workshop, participants take a deep dive into the core elements that form their unique character, assess their values, motivations, intentions, examine the influence these factors have on their coaching impact, and develop plans tailored to their unique coaching talents.

The true coaching relationship is a unique peer-to-peer connection built on mutual trust. During this workshop, participants learn how to develop coachlike relationships in which others are encouraged and challenged to perform at their very best.

The coaching conversation is a powerful dialog that challenges assumptions, highlights passions, surfaces obstructions, explores possibilities and charts exciting new pathways forward. Participants engage in real-time Coaching
Experientials during which they experiment with a potent set of coaching practices and tools designed to help them engage in conversations characterized by purposefulness, personal accountability and direction.

For Executives, there is a fourth C that is critical for creating an environment where the coaching mindset thrives: Culture.


  • Introduction: The Challenge of Leadership & the Coaching Perspective
  • The Four C Coaching Model
  • Powerful Coaching Tool: The Big Coaching Questions
  • Real-Time Coaching Experience #1
  • Character: Value-Based Coaching
  • Connection and Conversation in Coaching
  • Culture: Characteristics of a Coaching Culture
  • Coaching Experiential #2: Creating a Coaching Culture

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