Transform Your New Managers Into Exceptional Leaders

New managers are often promoted into their role without essential tools and training, yet they are being tasked with great amounts of responsibility to their new direct reports. This hands-on micro eLearning program aims to bridge this gap by presenting the necessary skills and competencies for success in manageable, easy-to-digest portions.

Program Modules:
  • The Manager’s Mindset
  • Building Credibility
  • Manager’s Toolbox
  • Managing to Leading
  • Commitments

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Program Benefits for Managers

  • Learn to develop a manager’s mindset and master the difference of authority versus influence.

  • Build trust and credibility with their new team through impactful actions and communication.

  • Develop critical skills for a manager’s toolbox such as goal setting, alignment, delegation, performance management, accountability, and feedback.

  • Learn how to successfully shift from manager to leader through team building, talent development, and mastering coaching.