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Coaching Webinar Series: Part 3 – The Perfect Partnership


There is something extraordinary about a great coaching relationship. Unlike most friendships and familial relationships (even very good ones), a great coaching relationship is always underpinned by a strong sense of challenge, learning and change. A very special connection is created in which potent conversations can occur. Like a perfect storm, it is a unique confluence of forces that creates something very unique. So, how does a leader create such a relationship?

Gregg Thompson, President of Bluepoint Leadership Development leads us through a colorful and engaging discussion of the three core dimensions of great coaching relationships. This is the third in a six-part webinar series drawn from Bluepoint’s highly-acclaimed development program, the Leader as Coach Workshop.  Gregg and his partners have trained thousands of leaders around the world providing them with immediately usable coaching skills and approaches. In this 45-minute, somewhat provocative webinar, Gregg will address the following topics:

  • Good Friends are Not Good Coaches.
  • Coaching Relationships and The Perfect Storm
  • Serious Appreciation – the Foundation of all Change.
  • Pollyanna Can’t Coach – the Power of Constructive Confrontation
  • You Are Not Their Parent – Influencing Accountability
  • The Three Habits That will Change Everything!

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