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Coaching Webinar Series: Part 4 – Leading & Coaching Today


The fourth instalment in this 9-part webinar series is drawn from Bluepoint’s highly-regarded Leader as Coach Workshop.  Gregg Thompson, President of Bluepoint Leadership Development, will act as your guide as you explore one of the most critical questions facing leaders today: “Do others in your organization attribute their high performance and career acceleration to you?” This 45-minute, highly engaging webinar, entitled Leading and Coaching Today, will provide you with both powerful coaching concepts and practical tools that you can apply immediately in you day-to-day interactions with others.

The topics that Gregg will address include:

  • Coaching and a leader’s legacy
  • A fresh perspective: looking through a coach’s eyes
  • Coaching in today’s frenetic, ever-changing, global organizations
  • The three timeless coaching dimensions: Character, Connection and Conversations
  • A new breed: qualities and competencies of modern-day coaches
  • Each one – coach one: creating a coaching culture

At the conclusion of the webinar, Gregg will summarize the key points discussed and suggest three potent new habits that will make a significant and sustained impact on your effectiveness as a coach.

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