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Webinar: Leading Change – The Big Lie


It is common to hear researchers, writers, conference speakers and the like drone on about the inevitable “resistance to change” that impairs our organizations’ ability to rapidly adapt and respond. Leaders are exhorted to employ all manner of practices and approaches to confront this plague and drive change through their organizations. The notion of driving change through the organization makes us feel powerful and in charge, however, the outcomes of most such initiatives are very disappointing.

The problem with these approaches is the assumption that change is unwelcome, difficult and instinctively avoided by people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The more neuroscientists learn about the working of the human brain, the more they learn that we yearn for change, for novelty, for anything that will make our lives fresh, better and more exciting. It’s time for leaders to embrace the idea that their most important role is not to drive change, but to facilitate the natural desire to change.

Join Gregg Thompson, President of Bluepoint Leadership Development, for this complimentary webinar as he shares Bluepoint’s formula for successfully initiating, executing and sustaining change. Gregg will identify three dimensions that leaders need to make priorities in order to help others embrace, execute and accelerate change.

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  • Lesleann whiteman

    Excellent and useful Webinar, thank you for sharing your ideas on Leadership.

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