Coaching has become an essential competency for all leaders.


The Bluepoint Coaching Series is the finest development program available today to equip leaders from the shop floor to the executive suite, with immediately-usable coaching skills. Bluepoint’s coach training methodology is used by many of the best and most progressive companies in the world in their core leadership development programs.

These are not your run-of-the-mill lecture and roleplay-based workshops. These are intense, challenging, thought-provoking development programs in which participants not only learn how to coach but, more importantly, learn how to be a coach.

Leader As Coach

The Gold Standard in Coach Development - is a practical, highly-experiential workshop designed to help managers and leaders excel at coaching others for high performance.

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The Powerful Coaching Conversation

The Powerful Coaching Conversation Workshop is a practical, hands-on training experience for leaders seeking to become much more coach-like in all of their interactions.

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Executive Leader As Coach

An an intense, highly-experiential, one-day development program for executives and senior managers who wish to coach others to a higher level of performance.

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